We Care About You

Thank you for visiting  this web page. If you have found your way here, it is likely that you received one of our tracts/pamphlets at the Mesa, Arizona Easter Pageant.

First of all, please understand that we truly love and care about you! We do not desire to hurt anyone in anyway, nor do we desire to make fun of anyone. Our only desire is that all people everywhere would come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ all to the glory of God. We want to offer you resources and information out of love and a true concern for your eternal destination.

The Purpose of our Tract

We recognize that true change can only come through the sovereign grace of God. Therefore, we are not looking for an argument or to stir up controversy. We are simply placing before people information and asking them to look into it for themselves. The tract that you received is filled with Bible references to show that what Christians believe about God, Christ, and salvation is only what the Bible clearly teaches. Similarly, the tract is filled with references from LDS writings, whether that is from the standard works, church manuals, or various leaders. The purpose being for members of the LDS church to see that what the Christians are saying is found in the Mormon churches own documents.

We ask that you would take the time to look up the references for each of the categories and then to ask yourself if Mormonism lines up with Biblical Christianity. If not, why not?

You can download the tract here –> Mormon Temple Tract

We Will Meet With You
If you are visiting this web page because you have questions about your LDS faith and don’t know where you can ask questions or work through issues, please contact us. We would love to give you straight forward answers to your questions. We would love to help you through the difficult task of leaving Mormonism for a true relationship with Jesus Christ.

If you live in Arizona, we can meet with you in person and give you any help and encouragement that you may need. If you live outside of Arizona or if you prefer, we can arrange a phone call.

If you are questioning Mormonism and want to know what it means to follow the Jesus of the Bible please reach out to us! We are here to help!

What is the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

I (Nick) grew up in the LDS church myself and I have found peace and joy in the salvation that I have found in the Jesus of the Bible. Please contact me if you would like to know more.
Email –>

Helpful Video Resources
Below are two, beautifully produced films that lovingly discuss Mormonism and the Gospel of Jesus in the Bible.

The first film is a series of testimonies of former Mormons who left the LDS church for a relationship with Christ. The second film  takes you all the way to Israel where two men, one Mormon and one Christian, lovingly discuss the difference between Biblical prophets and their prophesies and Mormon prophets and their prophesies. Both films are done with love and grace. Please set some time aside to view them.